Your Ultimate Self-Love Makeover Meditation


Ready to finally see and feel like the beauty you are?

You think you need a total makeover when what you really need is a self-love makeover. You are beautiful and magical just the way you are, what you need to change is the way you're viewing yourself; that's what this meditation will help you do.

Are you ready to:

1. Release negative feelings surrounding your body---get ready to look in the mirror with love and confidence.

2. Send love to areas of your body that are hurting---start feeling amazing in your own skin and truly loving the way you feel and look.

3. Feel more connected and in-tune with yourself---drop counting calories and overthinking what you're going to eat. Get ready to eat what you want and feel stress-free about it.

4. Be more grounded and in love with yourself---when you love yourself fully you feel confident and ready to engage with the world. You can go out in society and stop stressing over what people think of you.

Hi beauty, my name is Brittany and I'm so happy you're here! I used to be extremely disconnected from my body. I never payed attention to where I felt good and where I was having pain. I didn't give my body time to heal when it was injured and I didn't feed it when it needed nourishment. How did I change this? Through body talk. Connecting to my body through talking to it and being mindful of it. You can connect to your body too. That's why I created this meditation; to help people heal the disconnect that I used to experience.